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Sunday 16 June

16:00 — 19:00

16 June until 21 July 2024 
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Franciska Meijers is a colour designer based in the Netherlands. She works for international design studios and undertakes independent projects and commissions. Franciska creates her own colour concepts, swatches and mixtures using a hands-on, studio-based approach.

As a student at Design Academy Eindhoven, Franciska completed internships at Jongeriuslab, Royal Tichelaar Makkum and Scholten & Baijings. While working for Studio Wieki Somers (2015 - 2021) she took on projects for a wide range of clients including Hermès, Robeco, Moroso, Galerie Kreo, 2016/Arita, Thomas Eyck, Mudac and Kvadrat. In 2022, Franciska worked for wallpaper company BN Walls as part of the Studio Stefan Scholten team.


Residency Fundaziun Nairs, CH  (2023)
Residency Fundaziun Nairs, CH  (2022)
Studio Stefan Scholten, NL  (2022)
Studio Wieki Somers, NL  (2015 - 2021)
Creative Residency Arita, JP  (2018)
Sundaymorning@ekwc, NL  (2018)
Jongeriuslab/Hella Jongerius, DE (2014 & 2012) 
Graduated Design Academy, NL  (2013) 
 Royal Tichelaar Makkum, NL  (2013)
Scholten & Baijings, NL  (2012)

Grants & Awards

Paul Deiters Stipendium - Stichting Stokroos (2022)
Project Grant - Stimuleringsfonds (2021)
Starting Grant - Stimuleringsfonds (2020)
Residency Arita - Stimuleringsfonds (2018)

Project Grant - Het Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (2018)
Sustaunability Award - Brains Award (2014)


The Netherlands

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