Cool Shelter

Terracotta tiles on a Red Cedar frame

Supported by Royal Tichelaar Makkum
Winner Sustainability Award, 2014 (Brains Award)

In Southern China, terracotta water jars were placed around the house to generate coolness. Terracotta absorbs water like a sponge and passes cool air on to its surroundings. This simple function has become the basic principle behind the project.

Sytem of the wall: With the construction of three different layers of terracotta – of different structures and porosities – coolness is not only generated but also preserved.
1) Outside layer: The scaled texture of the exterior layer has been inspired by the scales of reptiles and fish. The texture prolongs the process of absorption, preserving the coolness for a longer time span. 2) Interior layer: The dark glazing is smooth and protects the clay. 3) Interior layer: Symbolizes and generates coolness.


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